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AEW Dynamite Results 6/24/20

Wardlow vs Luchasaurus in a Lumberjack Match

These two behemoths continue their rivalry with the Lucha Express and Wardlow and MJF. There was madness all over the ring and non-stop action. Wrestlers were flying all over the place. Superstars even fought at the ramp and superstars were thrown over the stage. Eventually, when both wrestlers returned to the ring MJF got involved and stood up on the ring apron. Jungle Boy came and speared MJF out of the ring. With the referee distracted, Wardlow hit Luchasaurus with a low blow. Wardlow then used his finisher for the ring. After the match, all the Lumberjacks came to the ring and an all out brawl broke loose.

Result: Wardlow defeated Luchasaurus via pinfall

Grade: A

Hikaru Shida vs Red Velvet.

Before the match, #1 contender Penelope Ford slapped Shida in the face. Shida hit her opponent with one move and then scored the the win. Shida then went straight after the Ford in a brawl. The match was short and terrible. However, the brawl was somewhat entertaining. If I had to give the brawl a grade I would give it a C- but I am only grading the matches.

Result: Shida defeats Red Velvet via pinfall.

Grade: F

“The Exalted One” Mr. Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana vs. Joey Janella and Sonny Kiss

Mr. Brodie Lee started off the match with aggressive strikes. Some of the Dark Order members attacked Sunny Kiss when the ref was distracted. Janella and Kiss showed off great chemistry. However, Brodie Lee and Cabana were able to pick up the win. After the match, Lance Archer attacked Sunny Kiss which I found very odd.

Result: Brodie Lee and Colt Cabana defeat Sonny Kiss and Joey Janella via pinfall.

Grade: C+


Both of these tag teams are very talented and interesting to watch. FTR ever since arriving on AEW have drastically increased the amount of competition and excitement in the tag team division. At one point, all members started to shove each other like a bunch of high school kids. Luckily, the teams brawled after going back to the high anticipation this match had. Both teams almost picked up a win on numerous occasions. FTR picks up the win with the Goodnight Express.

Result: FTR defeats SCU via pinfall.

Grade: A-

Brian Cage vs Joe Cruise.

Brian Cage once again defeats an opponent in under 5 minutes. Taz was on commentary and then after the match he calls out champion Jon Moxley once again and hypes up his client Brian Cage. Since Brian Cage is in the champion picture he should start wrestling real competition.

Result: Brian Cage defeats Joe Cruise via pinfall

Grade: D+

Santana with Ortiz vs Matt Hardy

Santana right after the bell forced Hardy into the corner as Ortiz talked trash. The commentators get into an argument with Britt Baker losing interest in the match. Matt attacks Ortiz but then Santana takes advantage of the match. Santana rolls up Hardy for the win and then Ortiz and Santana attacked Hardy.

Result: Santana defeats Matt Hardy via pinfall

Grade: C+

Analysis: With the exception of the Brian Cage and Hikaru Shida match, every match on paper was a good match. There were a lot of good matches as well as some mediocre matches. However, the Brian Cage and Hikaru Shida matches were not exciting and had no point of being on the card. It was just poor booking. If I had to give this show an overall grade I would give it a C+.


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