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AEW Fyter Fest Results Night 2 7/8/20

Private Party vs. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega for the AEW Tag Team Championships

Marq Quen and Kenny Omega started off the match for both teams. Omega took advantage in the match and pulled off a double-team move with Page. Chaos broke out at ringside as many wrestlers at ringside were involved and went to the ground. Private Party was accompanied by Matt Hardy. They had control until Omega baited Kassidy and got the knees up for a reversal. The champs were able to get the win with The Last Call.

Result: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defeat Private Party to retain the AEW Tag Team Championships

Grade: B

Lance Archer vs. Joey Janella

Lance Archer stormed to the ring attacking Joey Janella and Sunny Kiss. Archer uses his size and strength while Janella uses his speed and agility. During the commercial break, Archer took advantage and threw Janella like a rag doll. Archer threw him from one barricade from another. Janella tried multiple clotheslines to try and bring the Murderhawk down but was unsuccessful. Archer put Janella through a table off the top rope then brought him back in the ring for the three count.

Result: Lance Archer defeats Joey Janella via pinfall

Grade: C

FTR & The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros. & The Butcher and The Blade

The Young Bucks and The Lucha Bros. start off the match. FTR then got in the match and took control. All four tag teams are showing off with exciting moves. The Young Bucks and Lucha Bros showed off the match and were dominant. The Lucha Bros were able to pull off the win. Butcher and the Blade & Lucha Brothers win by pinfall with a spike package piledriver from Lucha Brothers on Matt Jackson.

Result: The Lucha Bros. & The Butcher and the Blade defeated FTR & The Young Bucks

Grade: A

Nyla Rose vs. Kenzie Paige and KiLynn King

This match was boring as 2-on-1 handicaps are not fun or entertaining. Nyla Rose took on Paige and King that did not perform well. The team could not have any offense. Rose had a significant size and strength advantage. If Rose wants to compete for Shida’s championship and reinvent herself she should be going up against good competition.

Result: Nyla Rose defeats Kenzie Page and KiLynn King via pinfall

Grade: F

SCU vs. The Dark Order and Colt Cabana

The rivalry between these two teams carried on. However, Christopher Daniels of SCU and Colt Cabana of the Dark Order are friends. SCU took advantage of this match early on with frequent tags and double-team maneuvers. Brodie Lee is trying to coach his team while he is on the ring apron as Stu Grayson was getting destroyed in the ring. Colt Cabana came into the ring momentarily and raised the intensity. Cabana was already banged up before the match with a hematoma on his left side, but still brought the fight to Scorpio Sky and company. Daniels knocked all of the competition to the ground on the floor. Cabana then broke up a pin attempt from Daniels which caused tensions to rise between the friends. Lee grounded Daniels with the infamous discus lariat and then demanded Grayson to tag in Cabana for the win.

Result: The Dark Order and Colt Cabana defeat SCU via pinfall

Grade: B

Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho

This feud has been going on for awhile. Santana & Ortiz were at ringside to help and motivate Le Champion. Orange Cassidy went right after Jericho with heavy strikes sending him into the guardrail. Jericho was then able to take advantage and hit Cassidy with the Liontamer. As Cassidy reached the ropes, Santana and Ortiz delivered a cheap shot to the lower back, courtesy of the madball, that allowed their fellow Inner Circle competitor to gain the upper hand. Jericho then countered a Superman Punch sending Cassidy to the ground. Jericho was able to use his veteran experience and pick Cassidy apart. He grabbed on the ropes after applying a submission but referee Aubrey Edwards kicked his hand away. Cassidy was able to fight off multiple punches and hit Jericho with a hurricanrana. Freshly squeezed took out Jericho, Santana, and Ortiz. Cassidy countered a Liontamer with a small package for a 2 count. Santana and Ortiz threw orange juice in the face of Cassidy. Best Friends came out to help Cassidy, but Cassidy was hit with the baseball bat for a nearfall. Jericho hit the Judas Effect for the win.

Result: Chris Jericho defeats Orange Cassidy via pinfall

Grade: A

This card was very solid for the most part with the exception of the Nyla Rose match. I would give this card a B-.


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