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AEW Dynamite Fight For the Fallen Results and Analysis 7/17/20

Cody vs Sonny Kiss for the TNT Championship

In another title defense on Dynamite, Cody defends against Sonny Kiss. Cody was accompanied to ringside by Arn Anderson. Cody goes right after Kiss and drops him. Kiss took advantage with a strong elbow once they got back in the ring. Cody reverses a move in the corner and put Kiss in a Full Nelson. Sonny has picked up a few near falls. Cody is making mental mistakes that he does not usually make. Arn Anderson is furious at ringside. Cody hits his finisher for the win. With a great sign of respect and sportsmanship he then picks up Kiss and hugs him.

Result: Cody defeats Sonny Kiss to retain the TNT championship via pinfall

Grade: C+

Lucha Brothers vs FTR

This rivalry has been intense for about a month now. The rivalry escalated and reached new heights last week on Dynamite. Pentagon Jr. went right after Dax Harwood. The Lucha Bros. took advantage of this match early on. After the break, FTR took control and have not lost it since. FTR took advantage of the rules by taking of Ray Felix’s mask. This caused a distraction as Dax rolled up Felix for the win. The Butcher and The Blade were talking with FTR before the Young Bucks hit them with superkicks from behind. Kenny Omega came out with beers for a toast. Then, both members of FTR poured beer over Kenny Omega.

Result: FTR defeated Lucha Brothers via pinfall

Grade: B

The Jungle Express vs The Elite

Chris Jericho joined Jim Ross and Excaliber at commentary after getting drenched in orange juice thanks to Orange Cassidy. Jungle Boy started off the match against Nick Jackson. They both were in a stalemate where no team had an advantage. There has been many reversals. Both teams are very athletic and agile. The Elite members have showed off dominant kicks frequently. Kenny Omega outmuscled and outpowered Marko Stunt. However, Stunt was able to take down Omega and then tag Luchasaurus. Matt Jackson also was tagged in for the first time tonight. The Elite was able to take out Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt. They then triple teamed Luchasaurus however, he kicked out at two. Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt both showed off amazing moves off the top rope. Luchasaurus pulled off a triple team move as well. Omega hit Stunt with the One Winged Angel for the win. At the end of the match, Omega started teeing off on Stunt until everyone came in to stop him.

Result: The Elite defeat The Jungle Express via pinfall

Grade: A+

Nightmare Sisters vs. Kenzie Page and MJ Jenkins

Dustin Rhodes was at ringside to accompany the Nightmare Sisters. Brandi Rhodes started off the match for her team and went right after Kenzie Page. Then, Rhodes made the tag to Allie. Allie hit MJ Jenkins and picked up the win.

Result: Nightmare Sisters defeat Kenzie Page and MJ Jenkins via pinfall

Grade: D

Brian Cage vs. Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship

Brian Cage the FTW Champion was accompanied by Taz. Before the match, Taz was hyping up Cage and getting some last words on Moxley. Brian Cage went after Moxley however, Moxley ducked out of the way and got a few strikes in. Cage was able to take control and knock down Moxley. Cage early, showed off his unseen strength. This match has been back-and-forth and exciting. Both wrestlers have showed off dominant moves. They even took it out of the ring and used the ring apron to their advantage. Moxley went after Cage’s recently repaired bicep with numerous submissions. Moxley flipped off Taz while holding the submission. Taz eventually threw the towel saving Cage from any injury. Cage was angry and attacked Moxley with the FTW Championship. Darby Allin returned and attacked Cage with the skateboard.

Result: Jon Moxley defeats Brian Cage to retain the AEW World Championship

Grade: A

This weeks episode of AEW Dynamite was very good with the exception of one match. I would give this show overall a B.


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