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Smackdown Results with Analysis 8/7/20

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

The Celtic Warrior asserted his dominance early by forcing The Barefoot Bro to the corner and wrestling him down to the mat in a side headlock. The MMA practitioner found his way out and began relying on his striking ability to combat Sheamus’ raw power. Riddle tried to employ a few submissions before the former world champion powerbombed him to stop him in his tracks. We returned from a commercial break to see Riddle kick out after taking three consecutive backbreakers. The Bro started to make a comeback and hit several signature moves before one White Noise put him down for a near fall. As Riddle struggled to get up at ringside, Chad Gable attacked him out of nowhere to cause a disqualification. Sheamus watched as Riddle rebounded and beat down the former Olympian. The Celtic Warrior was angry when he found out he lost and made Shorty G pay with a Brogue Kick.

Results: Matt Riddle defeats Sheamus via disqualification

Grade: B-

Cesaro vs. Lince Dorado

Gran Metalik and Shinsuke Nakamura watched the match at ringside cheering on their respective partners. As expected, The Swiss Superman used his significant power advantage to bully the high-flyer as much as he could. It took some creative use of the plexiglass barrier for Dorado to take him down with a hurricanrana. After some back and forth action, Cesaro scored the win with The Gotch Neutralizer.

Results: Cesaro defeated Lince Dorado via pinfall

Grade: C+

King Corbin vs. Jeff Hardy and King Corbin vs. Sheamus

Hardy and Corbin met for a match after The King interrupted Hardy last week. As soon as they locked up, The Charismatic Enigma started unloading with punches to the head. The painted warrior hit a few quick moves for a two-count before the former Golden Gloves fighter drilled him with a right hand of his own. Hardy spent the next few minutes on defense. He was able to make a brief comeback, but Corbin planted him with Deep Six for another two-count. Sheamus ran down and delivered a Brogue Kick to Hardy to cause a disqualification in retaliation for his own loss earlier in the evening. This led to an impromptu match between Sheamus and Corbin after the commercial break. Riddle showed up to cause a distraction that allowed Sheamus to hit his Brogue Kick for the win. The Bro even applauded Sheamus after it was over. 

Results: Jeff Hardy defeats King Corbin via disqualification and Sheamus defeats King Corbin via pinfall

Grade: B

The Miz and John Morrison vs. Heavy Machinery

Tucker and JoMo started for their teams. Tucky took The Friday Night Delight down a few times with a waistlock slam before he laid him out with a straight right hand. He spent a long time in the ring, and it led to The Miz and Morrison taking control for a long period of time. Deville cheered them on while Otis waited for his partner to tag him in. Mr. Money in the Bank was unable to help his partner get the upper hand, but Rose ran down and attacked her former best friend. The ref called for the bell as Otis and Tucker tried to hold Rose back. The two tag teams tried playing peacemakers, but the women would not be held back. They kept breaking free until the show went to a commercial. After the break, everyone could be seen arguing backstage until the lights started flickering. When we went back to the announcers, several people in black hoodies rushed the ring with weapons and started causing mayhem. Retribution sent the crew running before going into the crowd and attacking any wrestlers they could get their hands on.

Results: The match ended in no contest

Grade: C+

Analysis: This weeks episode of Smackdown was alright. It was much better than Raw in my opinion however. I would give this weeks episode of Smackdown a B-.


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