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AEW Dynamite Results 6/17/20

AEW Tag Team Title Match: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs. Natural Nightmares

This match was very entertaining. Kenny Omega is a living highlight reel. He is an amazing athlete that runs on tons of energy. Dustin Rhodes is a very experienced wrestler that has been wrestling for decades. The storyline continued with Allie distracting QT Marshall which angers Dustin Rhodes and Brandi Rhodes which ultimately costed the Natural Nightmares the match.

Page and Omega defeated Marshall and Rhodes via pinfall.

Grade: B-

Anna Jay vs. Abadon

Anna Jay made her AEW Dynamite debut as she wrestled Abadon who recently returned to AEW. This match did not last long as Anna Jay had little to no offense. One highlight that came out of the match was after Jay lost, Brodie Lee and The Dark Order came out and offered a contract to Colt Cabana as well as take Jay to the locker room.

Abadon beats Jay via pinfall.

Grade: D+

Billy vs. MJF

MJF looked to continue his feud with the Gunn Club as well as continue his undefeated streak. He took on leader of the Gunn Club Billy Gunn. Billy Gun is a highly established wrestler as he wrestled for the WWE as well. MJF is an up-and-coming star that reminds me of The Miz with his amazing in-ring and mic skills. MJF was hit in the head and headed towards the locker room during the match. However, Billy Gunn would go and pickup MJF and bring him back to the ring. MJF picked up the victory. However, after the match the Lucha Express jumped over the rope and attacked MJF and Wardlow thus continuing their feud.

MJF defeated Billy Gunn via pinfall.

Grade: C+

TNT Championship Match: Cody vs. Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks, debatably one of the hottest wrestling free agents accepted Cody’s open challenge. Starks seems to have a lot of potential and is very athletic and versatile. However, he still has a lot to learn but he will continue to progress. Cody is debatably one of the best wrestlers in AEW. He successfully defended his title once again in a high octane match.

Cody defeats Starks via pinfall.

Grade: B

The Young Bucks vs. Superbad Squad

The Young Bucks are a high energy tag team that are always willing to put their bodies on the line. They remind me of The Hardy Boyz during the Attitude Era. Kip Sapian is an underrated wrestler. This match was very fun to watch as it was back and forth. Or at least it was, until Butcher & Blade and FTR decided to get involved. The Young Bucks defeated Superbad Squad via pinfall. After the match the four teams all fought as they are continuing the feud of who the better team is.

Grade: A-

No. 1 Contenders Match: Best Friends vs. Le Sex Gods

Leader of the Inner Circle and Le Sex Gods, Chris Jericho has been wrestling for decades. He is a great opportunist and heel who takes advantage and steals momentum at any given moment. He has also, mentored up-and-coming star Sammy Guevara. The winner of this match would get the opportunity to challenge Kenny Omega and “Hangman” Adam Page for the AEW Tag Titles at Fyter Fest. This match was an explosive back-and-forth match. You could tell there bad blood between the two teams especially after the gruesome attack to Orange Cassidy last week. Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara both used the bat to hit Trent and Chuck Taylor when the ref was not looking. Orange Cassidy disguised as a cameraman to aid his team to win the match and become #1 contenders. He then attacked Jericho leading to a match between the two coming up.

Results: Best Friends defeat Le Sex Gods via pinfall

Grade: A


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