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AEW Dynamite Part 1 Fyter Fest Results 7/1/20

MJF and Wardlow vs. Jurassic Express

Before the match, MJF cut an amazing promo, as he cements himself as AEW’s best heel. MJF even mentioned Jungle Boy’s late father actor Luke Perry. The Jurassic Express immediately stormed down to the ring. Jungle Boy was getting destroyed early on in the match. Once Luchasaurus came in the match, it was a whole other ballgame. Luchasaurus showed off his strong strikes on Wardlow and his incredible agility for his size. There were a lot of amazing strikes and incredible moves both on the ground and in the air from both teams. This rivalry continued when all four were down in the ring and both sides popped back up to the ring at both times. MJF even tried using his dirty heel tactics with a rake to the eye of Luchasaurus and a low blow but both did not result in a win. Marko Stunt even tried getting involved but it backfired for him and his team. Luchasaurus was able to hit a few moves on Wardlow for the victory after Jungle Boy took out MJF with a baseball slide.

Result: Jurassic Express defeated MJF and Wardlow via pinfall.

Grade: A+

Hikaru Shida vs. Penelope Ford (Women’s Championship)

Another rivalry continued, as Hikaru Shida defended her title against Penelope Ford. Before the match, Kip Sabian shoved Shida and put his hands on referee Aubrey Edwards thus getting himself ejected from ringside. He then proceeded to take Shida’s kendo stick with him back to the locker room. Penelope Ford provided some extraordinary moves due to her gymnastics background. Shida also added some strong and powerful strikes. Penelope Ford countered and kicked out of Shida’s Falcon Arrow which amazed the crowd and I when both occurred. Ford left the ring and wanted to hit Shida with her own title. Aubrey Edwards came to ringside to try and warn Ford she would be disqualified. This then provided Sabian to come back with the kendo stick in attempt to hit Shida. This backfired as Shida nailed Sabian. Shida was then able to nail Ford with a strong kick for the win.

Result: Hikaru Shida defeated Penelope Ford via pinfall to retain her AEW Women’s Championship

Grade: B+

Cody vs. Jake Hager (TNT Championship)

Cody looked to defend his title against the infamous Jake Hager with Arn Anderson at ringside. However, Hager also had his wife Catalina at ringside. Hager left the ring to go after Arn Anderson. Cody then went off the top rope and took down Hager. However, Hager was successful the second time and choked Anderson to the ground. Later on in the match, Catalina stepped on Cody with her heels straight to the back of the champion. Hager and “The American Nightmare” traded submissions with Hager’s ankle lock and Cody’s figure four. Hager again locked in the ankle lock. Cody was able to get to the ropes to force a break. The ref was dealing with Arn Anderson standing on the ring apron. Hager’s wife again gets involved and slaps Cody across the face. Dustin Rhodes proceeds to storm down the ring and hit Hager thus setting up a Cross Rhodes attempt that was countered. Hager locks in an arm triangle however, Cody reverses for the three count retaining his championship. However, Hager thought Cody tapped out and was visibly angry when he found out he lost. Then Hager punched and knocked out the ref.

Result: Cody defeated Jake Hager to retain his TNT Championship via pinfall

Grade: A-

Private Party vs. Santana and Ortiz

Before the participants of the match came out, Orange Cassidy decided to join Le Champion Chris Jericho and the rest of the commentary team for no reason. My guess is to get in the head of Jericho before their match next week. Cassidy just sat in a chair and watched the match in the beginning. Jericho has been on commentary the whole night and did a good job for the most part. Matt Hardy was at ringside to aid the Private Party. Santana gave Isiah Kassidy a free shot to begin the match. Kassidy swung and Santana just laughed before running after him. With the Private Party’s speed and agility they controlled the early stages of the match. They would do a move and then go for a quick pinfall which would result in a one or quick two count. About a minute before the first commercial break Santana and Ortiz took control of the match. We saw some great moves such as The Twister over the top rope and a cannonball. With the distraction from Matt Hardy, Marq Quen got the roll up and almost secured the victory. Private Party was able to get the win after multiple double team exchanges.

Result: Private Party defeat Santana and Ortiz via pinfall.

Grade: B-

Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs. Best Friends (Tag Team Championships)

Kenny Omega and Adam Page looked to defend their titles against Best Friends. Hilariously, Trent’s mom drove Trent and Chuck Taylor to the arena. Omega and Chuck Taylor started the match for both teams in the main event. Trent and Page traded blows before Trent took advantage. Best Friends are on a seven match win streak while Omega and Page are undefeated as a team in 2020. FTR made an appearance with lawn chairs and a cooler near commentary to watch the match. Both teams have showed off with exciting moves. Best Friends took out Omega to focus on Page two-on-one. Page fought the both of them long enough for Omega to come back. Kenny Omega saved the match after a Strong Zero. Hangman Adam Page was eventually able to pick up the win. FTR came to the ring after the match to offer the champions some beer to celebrate. Then Omega poured out most of the beer upsetting FTR causing tension that only escalated once the Young Bucks came out.

Results: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defeat Best Friends via pinfall to retain their Tag Team Championships.

Grade: A-

Night one of Fighter Fest was very good and well booked. I am looking forward to seeing what Night two being next week. If I had to give this show a grade I would give it an A-.


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