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NHL Draft Lottery Results

On June 26th, the NHL held their annual draft lottery. However, the results this year were a lot different than usual. Due to the coronavirus ending the season early, Commissioner Gary Bettman decided to add 24 to the playoffs. Meaning the seven teams that did not qualify, their season would end. The Detroit Red Wings were the worst team in hockey this year and their season was a joke. The Red Wings had the best odds at the #1 pick to take winger Alexis Lafreniere. However, the results of the lottery were much different than expected.

#1 Pick: TBD

The number one pick is going to a team who made the playoffs and lost in the first round. This is not fair because a team that made the playoffs would have a playoff berth and the best projected player. Imagine if Toronto or Edmonton gets that pick. That would be an offense of Auston Matthews, John Tavares, and Lafreniere or Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Lafreniere. If I was a Red Wings fan I would be extremely annoyed even though as a Penguins and hockey fan I am still annoyed. We now have to wait till after the first round of the playoffs to see who gets the #1 pick.

#2 Pick: Los Angeles Kings

The Kings moved up two spots going from projected 4th overall to getting the second pick.

#3 Pick: Ottawa Senators (via San Jose Sharks)

This Senators pick remained as projected. The Senators got this pick as part of the Erik Karlsson trade.

#4 Pick: Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings were projected the 1st pick and ended up with the 4th pick.

#5 Pick: Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators got another pick in the Top 5. However, this pick was supposed to be 2nd overall and they dropped three spots.

#6: Anaheim Ducks

The Anaheim Ducks were awarded the 6th pick. They moved up one spot and essentially switched spots with the New Jersey Devils.

#7 Pick: New Jersey Devils

The New Jersey Devils got the 7th pick in the draft. They went down one spot.

#8 Pick Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres got the 8th pick in the draft. They went down one spot in the draft lottery.

Picks #9-#15: TBD

These picks are TBD and the public will not know until after the first round of playoffs.


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