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AEW Dynamite Results With Analysis 8/12/20

The Young Bucks vs. The Dark Order (Stu Grayson and Evil Uno)

As The Young Bucks were coming out to the ring, The Dark Order used their strength in numbers against The Young Bucks. Nick Jackson and Stu Grayson started the match for their respected teams. The heels had control in the beginning of the match. Matt Jackson took out some of the members of The Dark Order at ringside. Once Matt Jackson got involved in the match, The Young Bucks were able to take advantage. The Young Bucks used their speed and high flying abilities to their advantage while The Dark Order used a ground-and-pound, physical mentality. Matt Jackson went under the ring at ringside to avoid being surrounded by the members of The Dark Order at ringside until being slammed by Evil Uno. Nick Jackson was tagged and took over the match with strong kicks to both Uno and Grayson. Stu Grayson took out Matt Jackson and threw him into the tunnel. He then ordered The Dark Order members to stand in front of the tunnel blocking Matt from coming back which was smart. This would allow for a 2-on-1 handicap essentially. However, Nick Jackson was able to recuperate and pickup a rollup pin for the three count.

Results: The Young Bucks defeat The Dark Order via pinfall

Grade: B-

Scorpio Sky vs. Cody for the TNT Championship

Cody is accompanied by Arn Anderson, his wife Brandi, Allie, his brother Dustin Rhodes, and QT Marshall. Cody shows off the newly designed TNT Championship as he looks to defend hit title against Scorpio Sky. Sky is a formidable opponent and this match has been hyped up as a potential match of the year candidate. Both wrestlers traded takedowns until Scorpio Sky gained the advantage. Sky showed signs of disrespect as he faked out Cody by holding the middle rope for him until Cody came closer to the ring. Cody got revenge by flexing in front of Sky and then doing the same thing after throwing Sky out of the ring. Cody had the advantage as they went to commercial break. When the commercial break ended, Sky was in control of the match. Cody was able to regain control and pickup the victory. After the match, Brodie Lee appeared on the titantron and announced he will defeat Cody and win the TNT Championship

Results: Cody defeats Scorpio Sky via pinfall to retain the TNT Championship

Grade: A-

Jurassic Express (Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy) vs. Kenny Omega and Hangman Page for the AEW World Tag Team Championships

As soon as Kenny Omega, came out to the ring he held up his championship in front of Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. Omega and Jungle Boy started off the match for their respective teams. Omega pinned Jungle Boy against the ropes and then smacked Marko Stunt in the face as he stood on the apron. Jungle Boy then took over and was able to tag Luchasaurus. It appeared that Omega was injured after landing awkwardly. Shortly after, Hangman Page was tagged in. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy were able to make frequent tags as Luchasaurus was tagged after Jungle Boy started to take a beating. Omega delivered two snap dragons to Luchasaurus then delivered one to Marko Stunt. Jungle Boy flew through the ropes to hit Omega before being hit with a snap dragon by Omega. Luchasaurus was able to take out both Omega and Page. Jungle Boy distracted the ref while Luchasaurus threw Stunt into Omega. The challengers have been picking up numerous nearfalls before Omega broke up a two count. Page threw Jungle Boy into his partner as Omega flew over the ropes taking them both out. Omega and Page hit The Last Call for the win.

Results: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page defeat The Jungle Express to retain the AEW World Tag Team Championships

Grade: A

Monroe vs. Hikaru Shida

Monroe went right after Shida landing a couple of strikes. After Shida went right to work getting a few moves in until Monroe shortly gained advantage and picked up a nearfall. Monroe reversed the Falcon Arrow for another nearfall before tapping out.

Results: Hikaru Shida defeats Monroe via submission

Grade: F

Orange Cassidy vs. Chris Jericho in a $7,000 Obligation Match

In this match, Best Friends and The Inner Circle are banned from ringside. If Jericho wins, Orange Cassidy must pay Jericho $7,000 for the damages to Jericho’s jacket. Cassidy went right after Jericho knocking him down and then out of the ring. Cassidy went for the Superman punch before Jericho took him down with a boot. That was the momentum change Jericho needed. Jericho tried to trick the referee into looking away while Jericho uses the bat, however the recently hired and former WWE referee saw it coming and pulled it away from him. Jericho put his hands on the referee while Cassidy rolled up Jericho for a nearfall. Santana and Ortiz were fighting the Best Friends at the ramp. The referee had his intentions on them while Jake Hager ran to the ring and attacked Cassidy. Cassidy somehow kicked out and was able to pick up the win.

Results: Orange Cassidy defeats Chris Jericho via pinfall

Grade: A

Analysis: This weeks episode of AEW was very good and well booked with the exception of the women’s match. There was no storyline involved and it was the champion against a local competitor. I would give this weeks episode of AEW Dynamite a B.


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