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My Thoughts on Fernando Tatis Jr.

On August 17th, in a game between the San Diego Padres and the Texas Rangers got a little interesting and controversial. The Padres were up 10-3 and Fernando Tatis Jr. was up with bases loaded on a 3-0 count. Tatis Jr. was told not to swing and just take the walk. However, Tatis Jr. stillContinue reading “My Thoughts on Fernando Tatis Jr.”

How COVID-19 is still affecting the MLB Season

Even though the MLB season started, this pandemic is still affecting baseball. Many games and series have had to be postponed due to potential players being exposed and positive tests. A few Miami Marlins players went to a Gentleman’s Club in Atlanta after a series with the Atlanta Braves. A few days later test resultsContinue reading “How COVID-19 is still affecting the MLB Season”

Why Aaron Judge is an early MVP Favorite

Aaron Judge has started off the 2020 campaign hot. The Yankees are first in their division with a 10-6 record. Part of the reason the Yankees are so good is because of Judge. Judge is currently hitting .272 which is not amazing but also not terrible. However Aaron Judge is tied with Fernando Tatis Jr.Continue reading “Why Aaron Judge is an early MVP Favorite”

Recap of First Week of Baseball

At the time I am writing this article is the record and standings I saw after looking at It has been weird without fans however, I am glad baseball is back. AL East: The Tampa Bay Rays are currently in first at 4-1. The Rays have been playing great baseball to start off theContinue reading “Recap of First Week of Baseball”

Baseball World Series Predictions

The MLB season had to be delayed due to COVID-19. We would normally see Opening Day in April however, Opening Day this year was July 24th as we saw the New York Yankees defeat the Washington Nationals in a game that only lasted five innings due to a rain delay and the Los Angeles DodgersContinue reading “Baseball World Series Predictions”

How the New York Yankees Have One Of The Most Explosive Rosters Baseball Has Seen In Recent Years

The Yankees have not made it to the World Series since they won in 2009 against the Philadelphia Phillies. However, the Yankees have made the playoffs the last three years with two of those seasons being 100+ wins. The Yankees are managed by Aaron Boone, a former Yankee and World Series hero. He is nowContinue reading “How the New York Yankees Have One Of The Most Explosive Rosters Baseball Has Seen In Recent Years”

Spring Training 2020

A few weeks ago, Spring Training started for the MLB (Major League Baseball). This is the beginning of the season as it is similar to preseason in football, basketball, and hockey. Teams either play in Florida or Arizona from February to March to get ready for the season. Teams play their starting players as wellContinue reading “Spring Training 2020”